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Shillong Teer Results
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Some Factors About teer KhelaWell, playing with a teer game and receiving achievement in the beginning try wasn't simpler, and it is going to never be unless you've got a brief understanding of a few vital factors/terms which we are going to be discussing below. However, it isn't necessarily the sole condition that will cause you to win a match. But if you speak with an expert or normal teer participant, he or she'll certainly advise you to understand the fundamentals of subsequent terms. In Teer of Shillong, we believe you have to know the below conditions.

Whats Is Teer Khela ?Teer Khela  is a lottery game which  results  are determined by archery. Many People played Teer Khela by placing bets on the numbers from 00 to 99.In Shillong teer You will Check the result at 4.00 P.M  daily. In This game If you will win of 1 rupee then you will get 80 rupees  in return. in India there are so many states where Teer is played. But the Shillong Teer is one of the most popular Teer Khela  in India.There are  two rounds played  in Shillong teer . first round results are declared at 4 P.M and the second-round results are declared at 5.00 P.M. In  first round if you bet of 1 rupee, then you will get the chance to win 80 rupees, and in the second round for if you  bet of 1 rupee, the you will get the chance to win 60 rupees.In Sillon teer there is also a option which name is “forecast”. In this section if you will get both bets  first and second rounds then the  betting amount of 1 rupee you will get a lump sum of 4000 rupees.If you will bet of 300 rupees then you will get 1200000 in return.

What is teer dream number ?
Teer Dream Number is a number that can be forecasted by the interpretation of dreams. Many people believe that the Dream number is actually working, and many times, it seems to be true. That's why it is a common thing for peoples of Meghalaya to ask you what dream did you seen last night. Each dream is configured on a different number that you will play in your teer game.
For example, if you saw a quarrel between husband and wife in your dream last night, your lucky no is 03,08,13,37, etc.

Teer previous results
If you'd like to make a decent number of values, then you have to construct your custom to keep track of earlier outcomes. Old or previous results amounts can assist you in lots of ways. Employing the preceding outcome of teer, it's possible to derive new methodology or pastern for wining a match efficiently. You can also derive common numbers with the preceding outcomes. In our Shared Amount segment, we've got a guide to guide you on how best to derive Teer Common Nos using Alpha match benefits. We also publish preceding outcomes for Shillong, Juwai, and khanapara games.

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